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There are many applications for the Energy Saver LED retrofit solutions. Energy Saver LED Tubes, Par lights, and Panels are direct replacements for many incandescent, CFL, and florescent forms of lighting.

Save Energy

LED's have extremely low power consumption, using up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and up to 50% less energy than CFL & florescent bulbs. Energy usage translates directly into significant cost savings, especially in commercial applications where large quantities of lamps are used.

Save Money

LED bulbs have a robust, solid state design - no filament to break. With life expectancies of over 50,000 hours, LED bulbs also reduce the time, effort, and cost of replacement. Since no heat is produced, it can reduce interior temperatures by 1-2 degrees, lowering air-conditioning costs.

Save the Planet

Lower energy usage makes LED lighting better for the environment, but it's a very green technology in other ways as well. LED lighting is also much safer for the environment because it is mercury-free and doesn't produce IR or UV rays, which can be harmful to humans. In other words, LED lamps are the greenest and most environmentally-friendly source of light on the market.