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There are many applications for the Energy Saver LED retrofit solutions. Energy Saver LED Tubes, Par lights, and Panels are direct replacements for many incandescent, CFL, and florescent forms of lighting.

About LED

Technology is changing lives at a pace never before witnessed in all of human history and with it, the way we see the world. More than a hundred years ago the incandescent filament brought illumination to the night, multiplying human productivity at an exponential rate. Later, fluorescent light rose up as a power-saving alternative to the incandescent. And now there is a new source of light, once again on the cusp of transformational change. LED has seen the future, and it is no doubt lit by Light Emitting Diodes, more commonly known as LED. A low-power, high-efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials, LED lamps are the next generation of light. It is leading the way into the green age of illumination. Because LED lighting is safe, long-lasting and increasingly cost-effective, it will play an important role in creating a more environmentally sustainable future for many years to come.

About Energy Saver LED

Energy Saver LED has touted the benefits of LED long before it became cool to do so and continues to work hard to change perceptions of LED technology. LED is no longer just a niche product. We have the expertise, technical knowhow, R&D and the people needed to create the best general functional LED lighting solutions on the market. We work directly with OEMs that produce our LED technology to our exact specifications. We insist that all of our products pass rigorous UL testing to insure utmost safety and quality. Our core Team at Energy Saver LED consists of several highly competent talented individuals. Our backgrounds draw from the high tech industry, sales, marketing, and management. Each segment represents decades of experience in these fields and is drawn upon for their individual skills to further the success of Energy Saver LED.